HGTV Series
"Ground Rules"

October 27, 11:30 PM/ET
October 28, 3:30 PM/ET

Two hardworking moms battle it out for the best yard makeover. On one side is Lina McGuire, a mother of two who wants to create a relaxing sitting area for her and her husband Paul. Paul is Lina's co-captain and also her biggest concern:

He has no gardening experience. A few doors down is Karey Cottrell, a mother of three who wants to turn a section of her backyard into a fun habitat garden for her kids to learn about nature. The end result will be a garden filled with living creatures such as frogs, birds and butterflies. Which mom has the tougher challenge?

Landscape designer Marianne Simon helps both teams with their design plan.

McGuire Front Patio


Cottrel Backyard


GROUND RULES' Producer, Taha Howze and Host, Steve Pruitt, and Marianne, taking a break on the set.

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