What Permission Do You Give Yourself?

I recently started a 30-day video challenge with Michelle Hart to support my goal of becoming more visible in this format.  My intention had been to develop a series of quick tip videos for speakers.  But as is often the case, life is what happens while we are making other plans.

opening to permission

opening to permission

What I discovered instead was easily as valuable.  What I discovered was the importance of permission.

In my mind, over the course of the 30 days, I had this vision that would I develop the scripts, get all dolled up, sit on my couch and enthusiastically share my tips.  Done!


Instead, what is occurring is I am letting the process happen much more organically.  I am letting it evolve to see what else is possible.  In the spirit of this exploration, I renamed this challenge my “permission videos” because I realized that what I really needed was full permission to say whatever was on my mind and in my heart, to drop the mask, to see what came thru.

Of course some of it could be re-worked as a more ‘finished product,’ but what was most important was the allowing.  What was vital and so freeing was the freedom to reveal the parts of us we rarely do, and surprisingly,  to see ourselves as beautiful – just as we are – wild hair, no makeup – with  no judgment, no harsh critic – only acknowledgement, acceptance and wonder.

In doing this work for myself, it just further confirmed the importance of creating that container for my clients as they began the process of crafting their presentations.

I invite my clients to give themselves permission to drop the mask, let go of expectations and judgment.  Instead to give themselves full and abundant permission to get ugly, to make mistakes, to explore and feel like the fool.  To play and dance even if they are awkward and cannot carry a tune.  Because the freedom we feel when we sing to the wind is incomparable.

Someone recently asked why I spread the work out over three months, and I told them it was so that clients could experience the gift of the process.  Yes, I provide structure, and accountability, but the work I do with my clients also gives them freedom.  By allowing some time to explore, it gives them the freedom to allow, to invite, to create the door thru which inspiration comes, and the soul breathes.

It also takes practice and faith.  To keep showing up each day,  to ask the question, to hold hands open, heart open, to breathe,  as we allow ourselves to come slowly, gently, sweetly out into the open.

  • Telling our story
  • Claiming our voice,
  • Stepping into our light even as we embrace our shadow
  • Dancing in our power, our beauty, our grace.

So give yourself permission and see what comes thru – it is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

To Your Journey.

About Marianne Simon

It was in 1999 that Marianne Simon left her cushy job with MGM to start her own landscape business, but, her love of nature goes way back. In fact, while most kids were making mud pies, Marianne was eating them. Since then, her choice of dining venues has changed, but not her affinity to the earth. She founded her Landscape Company, Poetic Plantings, with the vision of creating gardens that would nurture the spirit and nourish the earth. She received her certificate in Landscape Architecture from UCLA Extension and is a G3 (Green Gardens Group) Certified Sustainable Landscape Professional. She is also a proud member of Santa Monica's Sustainable Landscape Program, as well as having been nominated for Santa Monica's Sustainable Quality Award. These days her focus is educating and consulting for homeowners and professionals on watershed wise landscape practices. She also works with G3 creating curriculum, leading workshops, and developing workforce development programs.
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2 Responses to What Permission Do You Give Yourself?

  1. Debbie says:

    But sometimes you just have to do what you planned, otherwise you just give yourself the excuse to not do the project you were asked to do. “If you have apples, you can’t say that all of a sudden they are oranges.” They are apples. Deadlines are made for a reason, to push past and accomplish what was set out to be accomplished. Always good to take time and be ourselves, but one can still be their self and hit a deadline. And sometimes following the project rules and pushing to that deadline can unmask an abundance of creativity. Make up or no make up.

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