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How Are You Capturing Inspiration?

There is nothing more exciting than being in the flow, when you are finally in the moment, instead of outside looking in.  And when that does start, when ideas flow and synchronicity becomes obvious, you want to be ready.  You … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Prayer of Gratitude

It is the last lingering writing of the evening and we are slow dancing to 9:30. Thoroughly spent by the night’s activities, we have danced, and spun and twirled.  So what do we need of this last piece, as the … Continue reading

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Landscape of the Soul

Last week I had four beautiful actresses sitting in my living room, reading excerpts from a performance piece I am developing, ‘Skins I have Worn.’  Six months ago I could not have imagined that as a reality. Anais Nin once … Continue reading

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Coming Full Circle

My father used to tell me that we can never step back into the river in the same place, no matter how much we desire it.  And to that I would respond:  that may be true, but sometimes in the … Continue reading

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