For Speakers: Transforming the Fear into Fire

fireAs Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders we are so passionate about the work we do and have a big vision to share.  But for too many, it is a challenge to attract enough clients. And without a solid base, it is nearly impossible to make the impact you envision.

Public speaking is one of the top ways to market and grow your business so that you can make the difference you desire.

So what is holding you back?    FEAR

Fear is perhaps the biggest reason most women don’t speak. Or if they do, they don’t get the results they want. It holds us back from speaking authentically, from connecting with our audience, and from making an offer for our products or services.

We know it is all in our head. And yet….

This workshop is all about transforming the fear so it propels us instead of paralyzing us. With this different perspective, we can learn to speak from our hearts, share our message, find the courage to make our offer.

I will share what I’ve learned and give you some suggestions on how to dance with your fear so that you can:

  •  Claim your voice,
  • Step out with confidence and authenticity,
  • Attract your ideal clients,
  • Build a prosperous & influential business.

The greatest work we can do is to fully claim ourselves, our voices, and express that in the most true way possible.


Transforming Fear into Fire – Free Workshop

  •  Thursday, April 24, 2014
  • 7:00 – 9:30
  • Location:  TBD – WLA

 To register, Click Here!

I look forward to seeing you brave beautiful women soon.


p.s. If you think this might resonate with another brave beautiful woman, please pass it on.

About Marianne Simon

Marianne is the founder of Speak Your Passion, a company dedicated to the vision of claiming our voice and speaking for those who have none. She helps speakers create passionate presentations that attract clients, inspire action and change the world. In a fun, safe environment, she guides her clients to step out onto the stage with more confidence and authenticity. With 20 years experience as an actor, director and writer, and 12 years as a landscape designer, she blends her passion for self-expression with a fierce love of nature.
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