Claim Your Voice as a Speaker …. it is Time

For too long we have been living in the shadows, staying small.

For too long we have been living quiet, feeling a fraud.

doll in the shadowsEnough!  No More!  It is time for you, as a woman, as an entrepreneur,  to step out, step up, and reveal all that is your potential.  To claim your voice, your leadership, your power.

And one of the most profound ways to do that is as a Speaker.  Because from the stage you create the magic that:

  • Attracts your ideal clients
  • Expands your reach and your impact
  • Establishes you as an expert and a powerhouse
  • Manifests a life of abundance and prosperity

On June 21st (the summer solstice) I invite you to join me at a gathering of women Speakers and Leaders.

This gathering is for you if you long to claim your voice in all of its beauty, darkness and power.  It is for you if you have a big vision to live and know that it is time, beyond time, to step into your full potential.

It is for you if you are a woman who is being called to heal, to transform, to embrace, to love.  And you are ready, so ready, to step out of the shadows, share your light, and become the beacon for those you are meant to serve.


be the beacon

It is for you if you know that for too long you have felt the calling:

The voice that whispers at your shoulder,
Pulls at you like the tides,
Haunts you in your dreams.

It does not matter where you are in your journey – be it an established speaker wanting  greater results or just beginning, intrigued but perhaps a wee bit terrified.

If you are ready to pick up the banner –  then say yes!  I am here to support you wherever you are.

And know….

Speaking is an art and a craft.  And like any great undertaking it requires practice, time and commitment.  There are skills to be mastered and structures to be learned, so that when you do step up to speak you are as prepared as possible.

So join me on June 21st to begin the journey.  Join me for a fun (yes fun!) and nurturing day where we will explore:

  • Clarity about your purpose and those you serve
  • Story and how your journey creates the vital connection with your audience
  • Structure and how to create valuable content that leaves them wanting more
  • Fear and how to transform it from paralyzing to propelling
  • Call to Action  and inspiring your audience to take the next step with you

So come.   I invite you to join your fellow travelers on this journey.  To share and celebrate your discoveries, your stories, your lessons.

Claim your spot now – CLICK HERE.  There is limited seating so I can give each of you the attention you need to fully soar.


  • Date:               Saturday, June 21, 2014
  • Time:               9-6.  8:30 am check in
  • Location:         Los Angeles, CA
  • Pricing:            $97

Lunch included

Don’t wait.  It would be good, really good for you.

It would be life changing for those you are meant to serve

The world is waiting for you to say YES!


What people are saying:

“What a fantastic and inspiring workshop!”

“Your work was extremely powerful and hit my heart.  It re-fired my commitment to myself and my people.”

“Passion. Energy. Content.  Making the Offer.  Everything!  You inspired me.”

About Marianne Simon

Marianne is the founder of Speak Your Passion, a company dedicated to the vision of claiming our voice and speaking for those who have none. She helps speakers create passionate presentations that attract clients, inspire action and change the world. In a fun, safe environment, she guides her clients to step out onto the stage with more confidence and authenticity. With 20 years experience as an actor, director and writer, and 12 years as a landscape designer, she blends her passion for self-expression with a fierce love of nature.
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