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The Secret to a Mesmerizing Presentation

In the midst of all the noise and confusion, sometimes silence speaks the loudest. As speakers, we want to stand out, to have people take notice.  But often, in the attempt to gain the attention, the tendency is to look … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Prayer of Gratitude

It is the last lingering writing of the evening and we are slow dancing to 9:30. Thoroughly spent by the night’s activities, we have danced, and spun and twirled.  So what do we need of this last piece, as the … Continue reading

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Want to Know the REAL Reason Speakers Love to Present?

  Because it is a RUSH!     Giving a great presentation is Exhilarating, Intense, Mind-blowing When you are in the zone as a speaker – it is you up on the stage, fully standing in your power, your light, … Continue reading

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Why Do We Wait for the Holidays to Say ‘Thank You’

This has been a year of extraordinary change and growth for me, as it seems to have been for many others around me.  Perhaps they were right when they said the world as we knew it was ending, because it … Continue reading

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