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The Search For Your Life’s Purpose (and) What To Do In The Meantime.

Last year, I heard this great quote at a Mary Morrissey workshop.  “You can’t get there using the same steps you used to get here.” I have to say, that quote inspired a lot of changes in my life.  But … Continue reading

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Sending Out Ships (or) What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do Next

They say that letting go of attachment to outcome is one of the secrets to manifesting your heart’s desire.   You are supposed to envision it, dream it, imagine it as if it is already happening, live it, love it, and … Continue reading

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Summer Workout on the Beach (Cardio with a Twist)

I just invented a new workout program.   It is especially great during the summer, when the days are hot and you are down by the water anyways.  It provides a beautiful setting, good cardio, and is even more fun with … Continue reading

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