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Tree People – Fruit Tree Distribution Day

It’s 8:30 on a beautiful Saturday morning in Los Angeles, and folks are already lined up. Not to buy movie tickets or to purchase the latest Iphone, or even to get the jump on Christmas shopping.  No, folks are lined … Continue reading

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What Were They Thinking? – Landscape Foibles

I’ve walked this street with my mom for years now, and each time I do, I can’t help but stop by this one garden and wonder, ‘what were they thinking?’ But after remembering the many mistakes I made while I … Continue reading

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Snap Peas – Too Easy

I couldn’t help myself.  I was standing next to a woman at the farmers market who had just shoved three huge handfuls of snap peas into a bag.  Like a five year old kid, my curiosity got the best of … Continue reading

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Surprise Friendship and Food

A group of us were sitting at a bar one night – (this sounds like the beginning of a joke).  But seriously, a group of us, from UCLA’s Landscape Architecture program were sitting around catching up after a couple of … Continue reading

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Ode to the Ceanothus

One of the principals of permaculture design is that every element in the design has multiple purposes.  When I started studying this approach to design it opened my eyes as to how efficient Nature really is.  Everything is perfectly connected … Continue reading

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Priceless Oaks Demolished

So they did it.  The chose the lazy, shortsighted option.  They butchered a century old oak grove to make way for a mud pit.  Now, how’s that for value added in Los Angeles. They used propaganda and fear to convince … Continue reading

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